PRIMM materials 2018

In 2018 we ran a study with a group of schools and developed materials for 10 weeks including starters, lesson plans, activities etc. Feedback from teachers was that each “week” could take several lessons. Although designed for Year 8 and 9 with a little programming experience already, it may be that these are suitable for older students too.

This time we introduced Turtles later, but these lessons are popular with students and teachers so could be introduced earlier.

Lesson 1 – Recap

PRIMM Do Now Lesson 1

PRIMM Activity 1 Recap

PRIMM Lesson Plan 1

PRIMM Slides Lesson 1

Starter program


Lesson 2 Selection

PRIMM Activity 2 Selection

PRIMM Lesson Plan 2

PRIMM Lesson 2 slides

Starter program


Lesson 3 More on selection

PRIMM Activity 3 Selection

PRIMM Lesson 3

PRIMM Lesson Plan 3

Starter program


Lesson 4 Turtles and Loops

PRIMM Activity Sheet 4a

PRIMM Activity Sheet 4bv2

PRIMM Lesson 4

PRIMM Lesson Plan 4v2

Starter program


Resources for 4b

Lesson 5 Turtles and Loops 2

PRIMM Activity 5 Iteration

PRIMM Lesson 5

PRIMM Lesson Plan 5

Starter program


Lesson 6 While Loops

PRIMM Activity 6a Starter

PRIMM Activity 6b Mini TRACS_complete

PRIMM Activity 6b Mini TRACS_to_print

PRIMM Activity 6c Exercises

PRIMM Lesson 6

PRIMM Lesson Plan 6

Starter program

Another starter program


Lesson 7 More While Loops

PRIMM Activity Sheet 7

PRIMM Do Now Lesson 7

PRIMM Lesson 7

PRIMM Lesson Plan 7

Starter program

Guessing starter


Extension answers

Lesson 8 Menus

PRIMM Activity 8 Loops revisited

PRIMM Lesson 8

PRIMM Lesson Plan 8

Starter program


Lesson 9 Consolidation with EasyGui

PRIMM Activity 9a EasyGui

PRIMM Activity 9b EasyGui

PRIMM Lesson 9

PRIMM Lesson Plan 9

Starter program, answers and images


Lesson 10 The Maze Game

PRIMM Activity 10 Maze Game

PRIMM Lesson 10

PRIMM Lesson Plan 10

Starter Program

We hope you enjoy using these resources and feel free to edit them and share with us the improved versions!



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