PRIMM activity sheets

In 2017 I developed some worksheets that were used in our pilot study demonstrating how PRIMM might work in lessons. These are available here for you to edit and use if they are useful. With the help of teacher feedback I found these were a bit boring if all you used were worksheets in a lesson so the next materials had Do Nows and lesson plans. So I would recommend that you carve up the worksheets and mix and match with other activities to keep programming lessons varied!  All worksheets use Python 3 except the ones I adapted for Small Basic for one of our teachers.

PRIMM Activity Sheets Overview

PRIMM Activity 1 Turtle introduction

PRIMM Activity 2 Turtle Functions

PRIMM Activity 3 Turtle Functions

PRIMM Activity 4 Selection Small Basic

PRIMM Activity 4 Selection

PRIMM Activity 5 Iteration edited for 2018

PRIMM Activity 5 Iteration

PRIMM Activity 6 Iteration

PRIMM Activity 6 Mini TRACS

PRIMM Activity 6 Mini TRACS_complete

PRIMM Activity 7 Maze Game

PRIMM Activity 8 EasyGui

PRIMM Activity 9 Functions

PRIMM Activity 10 Loops revisited

PRIMM Activity 11 1D Lists

PRIMM Activity 12 2D Lists

PRIMM Activity 13 Pseudocode

PRIMM Activity 14 Parameters

The Maze game is based on the resource from . EasyGui is a very simple Gui (sits on top of Tkinter) which is great but a bit basic.

Happy PRIMM-ing!


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